Service Eligibility

All services begin with a screening and eligibility check.  If you are interested in receiving any of our services, please contact Champaign County Regional Planning Commission at (217) 328-3313.

Our Programs

Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA)

Living in the community

The Arc’s Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) Program is a residential program that is community-based, providing supports and services to people with developmental disabilities that choose to reside primarily in Iroquois County. The supports are designed to target individuals with developmental disabilities who have chosen to reside in rental/personally purchased/family homes within surrounding communities. By residing in a CILA individuals receive the supervised supportive services, which promote residential stability in the living environment in which they have chosen. Supports are provided in all settings in which the individual decides to participate. Assisting individuals to live, work, and socialize in “natural environments” with the level of support determined on an individual basis is the primary focus of our program. The CILA Program takes a person-centered approach to providing services to any person with a developmental disability who chooses to reside in a home, requiring 24 hour to intermittent supervision (level of staff support is based on the needs of the individual), through an annual service plan (every 6 months if mental illness has been diagnosed) based on the desires of the individual. Services are provided, obtained, and coordinated to provide continuity for each individual while utilizing the availability of our resources. 

Currently the CILA Program provides support services to 76 individuals living in the community. All 76 have been diagnosed with a developmental disability, and some of those individuals also receive services to address their mental illness needs. The total age span for our program is 21 years of age to 74 years of age. Services and supports are provided and designed to meet basic needs in the areas of Economic Self Sufficiency, Medical/Medication, Community Integration, Independence in Daily Living Skills, and any other priority areas of need as determined by the individual. Services are provided to assist individuals with transportation, employment, governmental benefits, medical services, counseling, money management/financial affairs, community involvement, shopping, coordinating efforts from all other service providers, and obtaining evaluations/assessments and following up with the recommendations. We work individually with each person in their decision to move. Who they prefer as a roommate, what community to reside in, who will work with them, how their lifestyle will change, and how to be a successful participant in their chosen community. We work closely with other agencies/counties to assist individuals in receiving the services they request/require. Providing education and creating awareness of individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, and the community about least restrictive environments available, such as CILAs is a constant. Individuals choose whether or not CILA living is the best choice for them and they along with their families decide whether or not to enter the program.

Welles Career Center

Wood blocks spelling out W C C

Welles Career Center offers pre-employment training and retirement programs individually designed to meet individual needs. Programs are designed to provide a variety of experiences to assist people in developing the necessary skills to make informed choices about their lives, as well as increase their level of independence. Community integration is a large part of the total program.

Welles Career Center offers an Art program, a Woodworking program, a Horticulture program, as well as an Retirement program and Sensory program.

Consultant services, including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Audiology, and Speech & Language Pathology are available to all program participants, and others on a referral basis.

Welles Workshop operates year round, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

The Greenhouse at The Arc

watering flowers in the greenhouse

Our goal is to provide hands on experiences and work opportunities for the people we support, utilizing the various tasks associated with running a greenhouse. We also feel this is an excellent resource for the people we support to integrate with members of the community. We partner with amateur and master gardeners from the county, invite local elementary classrooms for field trips, and have community contact during retail hours of the selling season.

We currently serve over 90 people through our pre-employment program at Welles Career Center and they all benefit greatly from the opportunities this presents them.  excellent leisure outlet for people residing in our local nursing homes, independent and assisted living facilities.  

Supported Employment


The Iroquois Supported Employment Program (ISEP) began in 1985 with the goal of moving people with disabilities from unemployment or segregated employment to employment in the community at competitive wages. The Director of Supported Employment, Job Developer, and Job Coaches help people find and keep community jobs. 

People receive job development, placement, work setting training, advocacy, ongoing assessment, and follow-up support services based on their individual needs, abilities, and interests. The support of an on site job coach is provided, as needed, to assist the employee in attaining success at the community integrated work site. Economic independence and social inclusion are primary results attained from this program.

The Workers Unlimited Club meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 7 – 8:30 p.m. The goals of the Workers Unlimited Club include: increasing the awareness of employment options and the community integrated employment skills of members; increasing leadership and self advocacy skills of its members; increasing job experiences and employment opportunities of its members; community service; and, increasing the awareness of potential employers of the benefits of hiring people with disabilities.

The program not only has obvious benefits for the people it supports but also provides numerous benefits to employers and local communities. Employer benefits are: pre-screened applicants; less employee turnover and absenteeism; systematic evaluation of employee performance; reliable workers; on-site training; long term supports for workers; support for employers; advertising cost savings; employee diversity; tax credits; and, increased business from the disability community.

The program currently supports 60 people at a variety of sites throughout Iroquois County.

Individual and Family Support

Making a purchase in the community

The Individual and Family Support Unit (IFSU) provides intensive services, counseling, education, and support to individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, and service providers in Iroquois County.

The Individual and Family Support Unit enables an individual to live in a community environment such as independent living, home, or other home-like living arrangements; continue to remain an integral member of his or her family; and achieve social inclusions in the natural environment or community. The supports that are provided are based on individual family needs.

One of the most important features that IFSU offers is that we work with the entire family who has a member(s) with developmental disabilities. We provide home-based supports and serve as a support system to families in our community.

Staff assist people in applying for financial benefits and completing periodic reports for the Social Security Administration and Medicaid, etc. When others are not available, The Arc may serve as Representative Payee for a person to receive government benefits. Basic information about futures planning is also provided for people and their guardians.


Individuals in this program also have the benefit of attending the Drop In Center.  The Center provides a social opportunity to enjoy recreation, money management, cooking classes, and a variety of other activities that help individuals become a vital part of their community.




Respite Care is short-term, temporary, in-home relief from the day-to-day responsibilities of caring for an individual with developmental disabilities in your home. The time off can be used for rest, recreation, shopping, or just spending time with other members of your family: IT’S YOUR TIME…SPEND IT HOW YOU WANT TO.


The benefits of respite include qualified workers to care for the person with a developmental disability in your home so that the family’s time away is worry free. Workers also provide companionship, new experiences, and activities for the individual.


Any individual of any age is eligible for respite care if s/he resides in Iroquois County and has a developmental disability.


Respite is available daytime, evenings, and weekends.


To begin using the Respite Care Service, contact The Arc of Iroquois County. The Respite Coordinator will then make a home visit to place an appropriate worker in your home. There is no charge for the service. We need to hear from you. This program is intended to meet your needs for respite care. Please let us know what they are by calling (815) 432-5288 x28.

Funding for Respite provided in part by United Way of Kankakee and Iroquois Counties

Funding for Respite provided in part by:

United Way of Kankakee and Iroquois Counties